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Online Jobs For Teenagers Under 18

Online Jobs For Teenagers

If you’re a teenager who wants to make money online, then it’s great that you’ve landing on this page. Making money online is of the easiest and fastest ways to make money because it doesn’t take that much money to start up a website and you can have people coming from all over the world visit your website, whereas a traditional brick and mortar business can only sell locally.

However, I’ve got good and bad news for you. If you are looking for online jobs for teenagers under 18 years old, then unfortunately, there is no such thing. Virtually all online jobs, like freelance writing, graphic design, data entry, transcriptionist, customer service representative and so on require you to be at least 18 years old, due to legal reasons like child labor laws. However, the good news is there are money making opportunities for anyone, including teenagers.


Online Jobs For 14 Year Olds

online jobs for teenagers

As previously said, there are no true only jobs for teenagers. However, if you have a special talent for doing something, then you can showcase that on a site called Fiverr is a place where people can get things done for them (and do things for others) for only $5. Some of them include, singing happy birthday, dancing, drawing pictures, impersonating well-known characters and even something as trivial as holding a sign! (These people obviously think that they are attractive enough to be paid $5 for holding a sign). There are some very weird and wacky other gigs on Fiverr but the site is great for teenagers wanting to make money online since there is no age restriction and you can get paid via Paypal, which is also free to setup.


Online Jobs For 15 Year Olds

This is quite similar to online jobs for 14 year olds. However, an extra year of life usually means that you’ll probably have more knowledge. And this knowledge can be turned into teaching others what you know for a fee, aka, tutoring. You can offer this can kind of service via MSN, AOL or whatever online chatting you use. Or better still, you can use Skype, which can allow you to see your student and them to see you, if you both have webcams.

So the question is, where to find people interested in what you have to say? Easy, just head off to Yahoo Answers and find questions that are related to what you know. For example, if something is asking for help on how to write a Spanish phrase, you can answer that question and then add in the Sources area, you can leave your contact details if they’re interested in being tutored by you. If you have to be careful when doing something like this because you don’t want to look like you’re blatantly advertising your service, and thus, look like a spammer.

As for being paid, you can ask your student to pay you via Paypal before the lesson, so that you don’t ripped off.

Online jobs for 15 year olds also include blogging. While this isn’t technically a job, you can earn money via advertising space. Just head off to, follow the instructions to setting up your website and you’ll see a Monetize tab. You can click on that and then it’ll proceed to show you how to earn money from your website.


Technically, you could get an online job as a teenager if you enlist your parent or someone over 18 years old to help you bypass the rules with hiring a teen in the workforce. However, life is tough as a teenager as it already is so you it’s in your best interests not to go that far. You could also get into a lot of trouble later on with the authorities if they find out you haven’t fulfilled a certain criterion. So just stick to the advice above, because that is known to work and won’t get you into any trouble.

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