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How To Set Up a Fiverr Gig Properly

Whether or not you are in the industry to gain an extra $100 this month, or if you’re taking a look at as a method for starting a monthly income, it is really essential to create an ad which will attract buyers to your gig.

This is what you have to do:

1. Attract attention to your ad by making a high-quality digital image that is relevant to the content of the gig you are selling. Make the picture colorful, vibrant, and distinct. Avoid using small letters. Select a plainly obvious image. It should be noticeable and draw the customer’s eye to the photo a lot more than any other pictures on the page. Here is a good example of an image that pulls a lot of buyers.

It’s excellent since it gives you an illustration of the high quality of the work featured.

Here is an example of a low quality image that does not really represent or say anything at all about the gig on offer:

NOTE: If you do not take time to choose a clear and vibrant image for your ad, you almost certainly won’t make many sales. Images are extremely important. People are time-conscious, and will often scan the page, simply looking for a thing that draws them in.


Once again, your goal isn’t to spend money prior to making money. But, if you aren’t great at creating or selecting effective images, then employ someone at fiverr to make 5 images for you for $5 (1 image for each gig you would like to offer).


2. Include keywords to your listing. This is significant, too. On fiverr, they incorporate the listing titles within an exclusive URL. This allows search engine optimization (SEO) advantages to each advertisement that you put on the site.

This also boosts the amount of views that you will get for your gigs. The greater views you receive usually goes hand-in-hand with additional sales.

Furthermore, when you get traffic your ad through different methods, you’ll be using your unique URL which contains your keywords. When somebody typing a keyword on a search engine might just land on your keyword-rich fiverr advert.

3. Develop a clear title and outline of your gig. Write a complete and easy to understand description for every gig. If you are not sure about how to write your ad, look for other advertised gigs that are getting a lot of thumbs-up and feedback from happy clients who have bought a similar item.
Do not plagiarize, meaning do not swipe their ad copy in its entirety. But make time to observe how other successful ads were created, and then make a similar ad.

If copywriting isn’t one of your skills, then buy a gig for $5 and have another person write 3 titles and 3 ad descriptions to suit your needs, using the keywords and phrases that you provide.

4. State a practical period of time to deliver the goods. Be precise when stating the amount of time you will end up needing to supply the product or service to the buyer.

Get this wrong, and the bad comments will affect your capability to sell that gig in the long run. But be sensible about it. If you’re backlogged with purchases, put it in your ad that you will deliver within 2-3 days, or however long you will end up. Just be sure you provide the product in the timeframe you mentioned in your ad.

5. Provide clear directions to the buyer. If you do this properly, you’ll save hours of answering pointless emails from customers. Let them know precisely what they must do, the way that they should do it, and what they can anticipate. Then, should you get the same questions over and over again, add another sentence or two in your directions on the site.
The great part about using the “Instructions to the Buyer” feature is that their purchase isn’t completed and sent to you until the buyer
provides all the information you’ve asked for.

The amount of time it takes you to provide the service or product does not include the time it takes the customer to provide the information. You receive the order only right after the buyer has completed the required information.

NOTE: One of the goals, besides generating money, ought to be to process your fiverr orders within 5 to 10 minutes. This is the way you’ll make as much as possible.

Yes, you may have to arrange a report or an e-book in advance, but then you can market it continuously.

This is also true when providing instructions to the buyer; you won’t want to continue spending 10 minutes addressing questions for every person who purchases something from one of your gigs. When your directions are clear and in depth, your dealings will be quick, and your customer will be satisfied.

6. Create a video show them your gigs. In the next post I’ll show the best place to create your gig videos.

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