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Good Paying Jobs for Teenagers

Most people can remember getting their first job and their first paycheck. While some people may say their first job experience was the start of a long successful career, others may recall their first jobs as being a dreadful experience. In either case, it is important for parents to help their teens when they are pursuing their first job, especially because it usually sets the pace for years to come. Although most teens will be happy for any hourly rate offered, it is an added incentive for them when they find a job that has great pay. Some good paying jobs for teenagers can often be found on the Internet, local newspapers or through nearby neighbors who have tasks in their homes.

When the teenager chooses a job, they may have limited choices, since jobs in this struggling economy are harder to find and they are scarce. However, if the teenager is diligent and know what they want to do, they can find their first job by being persistent.


Office Jobs

Fortunately, most teenagers are proficient in using computers. FaceBook, Twitter, Google and all of the other well-known social sites are making it virtually impossible for the youth of today to neglect using their computer skills on a daily basis. Therefore, many small and large companies may take advantage of these skills sets and they can also provide good paying jobs for teenagers.Good Paying Jobs for Teenagers - office jobs



Although baby-sitting is a job that teenagers have performed throughout the years, it is still a position that yields excellent income. The pay the teen will receive, however, is based on the person that they are employed by and their ability to pay a good hourly rate. For those that do a good job, this rate can become quite handsome if the teenager is responsible and does a good job. Most parents who appreciate the work of good baby sitter can afford to pay well if they want to leave the house in comfort. It is also a good incentive for ensuring the baby sitter is available when needed.


Internet Jobs

Over the years, the Internet has impacted the way individuals and companies work. This impact has affected the adults as well as the teenagers. Which means, there are other doors of opportunities available online and they can be performed by teenagers. Some of the higher paying jobs for a teenager include taking surveys online for pay and writing articles for various kinds of websites.

For those who are interested in working these types of job positions, they are often required to obtain their parents permission before they are accepted. After being accepted, the teenager can write for teenage blogs and other sites. Teenager specific blogs can offer good pay for teenagers who work well.

Some marketing companies hire teens to take surveys to review certain products. The teen input is valuable because they fit into a specific target group. The pay rate will vary, however, based on the type of assignment, the company that they work for and how long they work each day.

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